SA reacts to level 1 lockdown


The second move to level 1 lockdown has been met with mixed reactions online.

On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country would be moving to level 1 after two months of being in adjusted level 3.

During his address to the nation, Ramaphosa said the move to level 1 was due to a significant decline in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks.

He said, in the last week of February, the country recorded just under 10,000 new infections, compared to the last week of January (40,000 cases) and the last week of December (close to 90,000 cases).

“This dramatic decline in cases over eight weeks is due to a combination of the public health measures introduced, changes in behaviour and accumulating immunity in those who became infected in our communities,” said Ramaphosa.

“We were able to emerge from the second wave because most people adhered to the tighter restrictions and observed the basic health protocols, including wearing masks in public and social distancing.”

This is not the first time SA has moved to level 1. In September last year, SA adjusted to level 1 after emerging out of the first Covid-19 wave.

Under level 1, the hours of curfew have been reduced from 12pm to 4am and public gatherings, including social, political and religious, are permitted, but restricted to 100 people for indoor gatherings and 250 for outdoor events, where the venue allows.

The sale of alcohol both for on and off-site consumption will be permitted during normal pre-lockdown trading hours, provided it is not during the curfew.

Night clubs are still not allowed to operate as well as gatherings after funerals, commonly known as “after tears”.

The wearing of masks in public places is still mandatory and failure to wear a mask when required remains a criminal offence.

On social media, many welcomed the move to level 1, saying it was good for businesses and employment.

Others criticised Ramaphosa, saying the president was far removed from the reality lived by many people in SA.

Here is a snapshot of some of the reactions:


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