Get fit for a good cause

Campaign launched to raise funds as well as to create awareness concerning cerebral palsy.



Logan Bartle has become a household name in our community over the last couple of months, mainly as a result of Logan’s Smile ZA and the recently launched Fit For Logan campaign.

As reported in the GO! & Express (“Raising Funds for child with cerebral palsy,” – Thursday November 19, 2020), 2-year old Logan developed spastic cerebral palsy within the first 12 months of his life.

Through the Logan’s Smile campaign, sufficient funds were raised to purchase the equipment he required.

However, ever-growing medical expenses, other financial obligations and further health challenges relating to Bartle’s health remain a concern for his mom, Hayley Bartle.

As a result, the “Fit for Logan” campaign was launched which falls under the auspices of Logan’s Smile ZA.

An initiative of Hayley’s good friend and Pot o’ Curry owner, Tubs Lingham, the campaign was launched in his efforts to raise more funds towards the project as well as to create continued awareness about cerebral palsy.

Speaking to Link FM presenter Caron Troskie in a recent interview during the radio programme “Reaching Higher”, Lingham explained his motivation for launching the campaign’s next step.

“I questioned how we could raise more money and eventually I thought along the lines of ‘What do I have a lot of to offer?’

So I thought ‘weight’ and then thought about how I could sell my weight,” he said.

Lingham approached a company about working on a weight-loss concept whereby money would be donated towards Logan’s Smile for every kilogram that he manages to lose. In exchange Lingham would promote the contributing company as a form of acknowledging the donation.

This concept has been welcomed by the community who have come on board either as individual Fit for Logan participants, as sponsors of the participants or as formal sponsors of the challenge.

The formal sponsors include Shape Up Gym, Pixl Online Solutions, Mzantsi Group, Link FM and the GO! & Express.

The GO! & Express community newspaper (the sole print media partner of the project) and Link FM (the radio media sponsor), will provide regular updates on fundraising and other news about the project .

This will be weekly in the case of the GO! & Express and every second Wednesday from March 31 on Link FM’s “Reaching Higher” programme which airs weekdays from 9.30am until 12pm.

Troskie as well as GO! & Express staff members, Cheryl Larsen and Wendy Kretschmann have taken up the challenge on a personal level and will aim to reach their goal weight within a designated time frame.

You can follow their progress in print, online and on the air.

You don’t need to lose weight to be a part of this worthwhile endeavour.

Contact Lingham on 072-538-7968 if you don’t want to take part in the challenge but would like to contribute.

You can also get in contact in your corporate capacity if your company can assist or contribute in any manner.

Alternatively, to become an active participant you can visit Shape Up Gym, Fleet Street, to
sign up for the Fit for Logan Challenge.

When you lose – Logan gains.


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