Exercise, lose kilos for a good cause

Pot O’Curry owner finds ways to help others

How much more can a person give than what they have given already?

For many people, generosity is boundless – the more they give, the more they want to give.

It’s an admirable characteristic.

Tubs Lingham is one of those people who keep finding ways to help others, not only because he’s been to the depths of despair and need nor because he expects anything in return, but because he is innately that type of person.

Lingham’s most recent initiative is “Fit for Logan” which falls under the auspices of “Logan’s Smile ZA.” (“Get fit for a good cause” – GO! & Express edition March 25, 2021)

In a recent interview, Lingham was candid about his approach to the “Fit for Logan” challenge.

GO & EXPRESS: When did you start the challenge?

TUBS LINGHAM: Officially on Wednesday February 17, 2021.

GO!:  Besides doing this for Logan Bartle and to create awareness about cerebral palsy, are there any other reasons you would like to share with our readers about why you took up the challenge?

LINGHAM: Yes there are.  After coming out of rehab and sorting my life out – getting off the drugs, alcohol and cigarettes – I decided that I needed to overcome all addictions. (“Don’t judge me – celebrate with me” – GO & Express, November 19, 2020). Eating obsessively was just another addiction in my life and as a result I became overweight.  All those addictions were ruining my health – my sugar levels were sky high and I was not doing well. I realized that it was time to take full control of my life.

GO!: How have you found your adjusted eating habits and workouts so far?

LINGHAM: It’s been difficult.  I run my own business so trying to manage that and other things including preparing my diet-related meals late at night as well as having to attend gym during working hours is challenging but I am starting to get a nice rhythm going.

GO!:  Do you have any advice for those looking to lose weight?

LINGHAM: The biggest decision to make is to start. Because once you have started, you can’t cheat – you need to take it seriously. It’s like a smoker who gives up smoking or an alcoholic who gives up drinking – you can’t think “Oh, today I’ll just have 1 smoke or 1 drink” – you need to be 100% committed to your diet in order for it to work. Perhaps refer to it as a ‘new way of eating’ (lifestyle) rather than a diet. “Fad” diet’s don’t always work. You need to have a proper, balanced diet and eat everything you are supposed to, such as carbohydrates, proteins, etc. It’s also about portion control and eating times.

GO!: Do you have any other thoughts related to the “Fit for Logan” challenge?

LINGHAM: The benefit I found with the challenge, is that I am no longer dieting for myself,  so cheating is definitely not an option.  I am doing this to try to change a little boy’s life and that little boy depends on my success.  So that, in itself, makes it much harder to just give up!

You can either contact Lingham on 072-538-7968 to offer your private or corporate support to the challenge or you can visit Shape Up Gym, Fleet Street to sign-up and find out about their special offers for Fit for Logan participants.

The GO! & Express is the official and sole print media partner of this initiative.

The next scheduled Link FM update will be on Wednesday, March 14th at 10am during the “Reaching Higher” programme with Caron Troskie.


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