Potjie cooks raise over R10,000 for good cause

Three BCM locals have found a delicious way to raise money for a good cause.

Shameer Jogie, Jaid Maina and Larissa Maina recently came together to create the Potjie Family Foundation (PFF) and on March 27, they organised a fundraiser to help DJ Sobey Old Age Home.

“File:The Potjie is ready.JPG” by Chrstphr.jones is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

According to Jogie, the origins of PFF was a cooking competition.

“We entered a potjie competition about two or three weeks ago. We joined in for the fun of it, and we didn’t get anywhere. Our egos were kind of bruised,” he joked.

“We were sitting at the car wash one day and Larissa came up with this idea that we should make potjies, sell the food and give it to charity.”

The trio reached out to a few other community members who also got involved, with everyone donating their own supplies.

In the end, Jogie estimated they served close to 200 plates on the day and raised R10,000.

“We made more than we anticipated so we split up between DJ Sobey and another family in need,” he said.

We want to get to the stage where we can help more than one organisation at a time.

The family was raising money to buy a wheelchair for their son so the Foundation split the money they’d earned 50/50, giving R5,000 to the family and the other half to DJ Sobey.

Jogie said they had plans to continue their fundraising efforts in the future.

“We want to get to the stage where we can help more than one organisation at a time. That’s the objective, that’s where we want to get to,” he said.

“We want to eventually register an NPO and make this a serious foundation where we can reach out to more than one place at a time.”


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