Buzz on over to Vincent Park’s Bee Museum

BUZZ BUZZ: Visit the Bee Museum in Vincent Park to learn more about these amazing insects

There’s a big buzz at Vincent Park Shopping Centre, thanks to the opening of their new Bee Museum which will be running until May 23.

According to Excellerate Brand Management marketing manager Mariaan Hartwig, the aim of the museum is to educate shoppers on the importance of bees and the dangers they face.

“The plight of bees and their importance to future food security and our survival as a species is highly topical at the moment,” she said.

“We have created an immersive space where our shoppers can experience the sounds and smell of nature – in the middle of our mall.”

Within the museum, visitors can examine various exhibits related to bee keeping (also called apiculture) while reading interesting facts about bees.

“All of the information in the museum relates specifically to South African bees and the situation in our country.

“We did extensive research and consulted with a number of South African environmentalists and bee experts,” Hartwig said.

The Bee Museum is open from 10am and 3pm daily.


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