Butlers “R” Us aims to help local businesses

One of Covid-19’s biggest impacts has been the large shift towards online shopping brought about by the ongoing lockdown.

SERVING SUCCESS: Butlers ‘R’ Us CEO Asanda Magaga hopes his new venture can help small businesses in the East London area

Butlers “R” Us CEO Asanda Magaga certainly noticed and turned it into an opportunity to help small businesses in the East London area.

The company was started last year but at first operated only as a delivery service.

“People called me and told me what they wanted me to buy for them and then I’d go and do that,” Magaga said.

“I noticed that during the lockdown, people started sharing their talents online and I saw that it was hard for other people to go and buy their products.

“I realised that if I could create a bridge between the customer and the seller, it would make it easier.”

With that idea, Magaga launched his new “online mall” last month, also under the Butlers “R” Us banner.

“People go online and make their orders, we dispatch drivers to pick up their orders from the source, and we then deliver to the customer,” he said.

Local businesses are invited to sign up with Butlers “R” Us and Magaga said that all products are welcome.

“Even if someone is selling art, or clothes or car parts, they are able to be on the store. We can expose them to a larger market.”

Magaga said he hoped his new digital store-front would give a boost to local businesses.

“Our main aim is to help out the smaller businesses, to help them grow and give them exposure,” he said.

Butlers “R” Us are currently only operating within East London, but Magaga said they were looking at expanding into Komani and Qonce in the near future.

Businesses that want to sign up with Butlers “R” Us can call 062-343-2618 or email butlersrus20@gmail.com. For details, visit their website or the Butlers “R” Us Facebook page.


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