Sports Minister Mthethwa spells out intention to ‘de-fund and de-recognise’ CSA

Minister Nathi Mthethwa.
Image: Veli Nhlapo

Minister of Sport Nathi Mthethwa has informed the interim board and members council of Cricket South Africa (CSA) his intention to invoke section 13(5) of the National Sports Act.

At the weekend‚ Mthethwa threatened to suspend the crisis-riddled organisation after the members council voted against amendments in the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) (CSA’s constitution) to allow for restructuring of the organisation’s administration.

In a lengthy and strongly-worded statement addressed to interim board and members council‚ Mthethwa spells out his intentions to “de-fund and de-recognise” CSA in accordance of section 13(5).

Mthethwa also said that latest development will be published in the government Gazette as soon as possible and he will inform the International Cricket Council (ICC) to explain the reasons for his actions.

“I have decided to invoke my powers under the Act‚ and I hereby notify you that I have done so in accordance with s13 (5)(i)-(iii) by de-funding CSA and de-recognising CSA‚ and I will cause this to be published in the Government Gazette in due course at the earliest opportunity. I will‚ as soon as possible‚ also inform the ICC of my decision and provide them with my reasons for doing so‚” explained Mthethwa.

“I have now applied my mind to the matter‚ including a number of facts that I have set out in this communication to you‚ and I have concluded that there remains an intractable irrational members of the MC [members council] members who are implacably opposed to changing the governance structure of CSA‚ particularly in relation to a majority Independent Board‚ and an Independent Chairperson.”

Mthethwa continued to say that cricket in the country cannot be held at ransom by minority members of the members council.

“A majority of the Members Council (six) had already approved the IB proposals on 17 April 2021‚ and three of the Council had elected to abstain. Cricket cannot be held at hostage by a minority [of] members of the Members Council‚” the minister wrote.

“In fact‚ I note that of the vocal on the Members Council‚ some (including yourself) had also set on the subcommittee formed by the IB to consider the Nicholson recommendations‚ and that [the] subcommittee had unanimously supported a majority independent board‚” added Mthethwa.

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