Eastern Cape dam levels

Wriggleswade Dam near Stutterheim showing signs of the drought as water levels have dropped dramatically Picture ALAN EASON

According to the weekly report on the status of water levels, Eastern Cape dam levels has been on a downward spiral at 54.3% this week compared to 54.4% last week.

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) is concerned by the diminishing of, even in some parts of Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and Sarah Baartman Districts which are struggling for catchment despite the recent good rainfalls.

Algoa Water Supply System with dams supplying NMBM is sitting at 13.0% this week versus 13.2% last week. Komrivier Dam declined from 30.7% last week to 28.9% this week, Impofu Dam improved from 14.8% last week to 15.0% this week, and Kouga Dam is critically low at 4.6% this week declining last week’s 4.8%.

DWS working with NMBM encourages communities to reduce water usage to avoid day zero in this area. In water challenged areas such as Uitenhage, there will be water tanks dispatched in a strategic position, to allow communities to have access to water.

However, other water supply systems have experienced good improvement in their water levels. Amathole is sitting at 35.0% this week compared to 35.4% last week, and Klipplaat slightly declined at 25.2% this week compared to last week’s 25.8%. Nahoon Dam serving Buffalo City Metro areas has improved from last week’s 39.4% to 41.1% this week. Laing Dam is full to its capacity with 98.9%.

Xonxa Dam under Klipplaat improved from last week’s 99.9% to 100.2% this week, Macubeni Dam slight decreased from 99.1% last week to 98.9% this week, and Tsojana Dam is full at 100%.


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