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COME TOGETHER: The upcoming Arise Africa Prayer Conference will discuss a number of topics, such as good governance and entrepreneurship
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Registration is open for the third Arise Africa Prayer Conference, which will take place at Braelyn Christian Church in East London from August 20 to 21.

According to conference founding member and prayer facilitator Pastor Richard Reddy, the main focus of the conference will be on good governance.

“We’ll be praying on good governance among the citizens,” Reddy said.

“We’re also going to be touching on issues of entrepreneurship. We want to see how we can build capacity to help entrepreneurs and to network them into different forums.”

The conference will also be praying for the upcoming local elections.

According to Reddy, a number of different churches from across the country will be participating including the KZN Pastors’ Fellowship, the International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches, Convention of Covenanting Churches and various independent churches in East London.

The first day of the conference will start with a welcome speech at 7pm followed by introductions and prayer declaration. A speech of encouragement and prayer for church leadership will come next, and the day will end with a prayer and intercession.

The next day will involve a number of different prayer sessions all focused on one of the main themes of the conference, such as Session 3 which discusses the economy and job creation, Session 4 which is focused on government and community safety, and Session 6 which discusses family, finances and faith.

While there is no registration fee, Reddy said it was still necessary for people to register in advance.

“There’s no registration fee but the participants do need to register because we’re going to give the participants a snack and need to plan ahead,” he said.

Arise Africa is a Christian outreach and advocacy organisation that was founded 10 years ago.

“We’ve been all around the country. We’ve been in Namibia, Botswana, all those nations ,” Reddy said.

For more information, visit the Arise Africa Facebook page. To register for the conference, WhatsApp 083-462-0083.


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