East London SPCA staff fired for animal cruelty, national office takes over local branch

The SPCA’s national office has stepped in to run East London SPCA after three local staff members were dismissed and charges were opened against them for the inhumane slaughter of an injured pet goose.

The incident, which was captured on video and sparked outrage on social media resulted in the staff first being suspended before a disciplinary hearing found them guilty of animal cruelty.

The NSPCA said it had also opened cases against the former employees for contravening the Animals Protection Act. It said that this action demonstrated that nobody was above the law.

The NSPCA also announced in a statement on Monday that it would take over the running of the East London SPCA as an interim measure until a new committee is formed.

At the time, the local SPCA had said that the unorthodox slaughter was more humane than transporting the animal. “One injured goose was in such a state of suffering that transporting it by vehicle would have caused it even more distress. The owner reported that the animal had been hit by a car three weeks ago. We, unfortunately, had to euthanise the animal on site as there was no other recourse.”



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