‘Adopt a room for Canaan Care Centre, brighten our world’


Canaan Care Centre is a non-profit organisation for profoundly physically and intellectually disabled children.

SPREADING JOY: Arena Holding community titles product manager Chris van Heerden, right, plays with Landi, a Canaan Care Centre resident. GO! & Express editor, Matthew Field, watches the joyful interaction

Our centre consists of a therapy day-centre and a home-from-home residential house for the children who live out of town, or where moving them daily is not possible for them and their parents.

We have started an exciting initiative at our home-from-home centre called “Adopt a Room”.

We house 38 children with 10 on-duty night carers and during the day, we have our assisted living adults there as well as our palliative and other children that have a very low cognitive ability.

The house is large and sunny and we have done the basic outlay.

However, we would love for each room, including the main big front day-room, to be decorated according to individual themes.

Due to us not charging fees close to the cost of the specialised care needed for each child, we just do not have the funding to decorate each and every room as we would like to.

There are eight rooms that need decorating and our first exciting volunteer is the GO! & Express team.

They will be adopting one of our boys’ room with three beds and we have suggested a possible sea theme.

This could include a feature wall painted to brighten the room, pictures, framed photographs, cupboards painted and new handles, linen and curtains to match, a rug, toys, curtains as long as it all fit within the chosen theme.

The room themes will also be suited to the children’s cognitive age group.

We will give direction and measurements and, preferably, a visit to the residence and then allow our volunteer groups or individuals to present their theme for an okay before going ahead.

Each process and completed room will then be photographed with the relevant group and we will mention you in our monthly feature.

We will also share on social media and tag your respective pages.

The purpose of social media coverage is to encourage community to get involved by seeing each group or individual’s contribution.

Thank you to GO! & Express for your generosity and for being the first group to get our “Adopt a Room” initiative started.

Please contact Leigh Tebbut either via phone or WhatsApp 083-778-7148, or via email at lillgypsyowl@gmail.com if you would like to be a part of this extremely rewarding project.

Leigh Tebbutt is the fundraiser and marketing liason for Canaan Care Centre.

Magical visit to Canaan Care Centre


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