Magical visit to Canaan Care Centre

Specific needs are taken into consideration


Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: “The only source of knowledge is  experience.”

These words proved to be true when the GO! & Express joined Pot O’Curry owner Tubs
Lingham and his wife, Jeska, to pay a visit to Canaan Care Centre’s Gleneagles Road
premises last week.

We were taken on a tour of their two properties by centre administrator Leona Oates and
Canaan fundraiser and marketing liason Leigh Tebbutt in preparation for our Mandela Day initiative (more details on that to follow) and so that we were able to see first-hand that
which we had heard of and read about.

I have learned a fair amount about cerebral palsy over the past couple of weeks, which has
proven to be beneficial to my understanding of the condition.

However, seeing the children’s varied capabilities and disabilities along with interacting with some of them was a truly rewarding and educational experience.

The school consists of 14 classes each of which caters specifically towards the learners’ divergent cognitive capabilities.

In the first class that we visited, Logan’s famous smile greeted us as we entered his
warm and bright classroom.

As we progressed through the school, the love, concern and expertise of the staff was

Working with these children is not just a job for them, rather, it is a passion and they are
dedicated to treating these children as if they themselves were the biological mothers.

One of the classes, called Clever Cats, included a merry mix of more advanced learners
with adorable nicknames such as the Pastor, the Principal and the Model, which match their
owner’s unique personalities.

Within the grounds of the school is an extensive playground with suitable  equipment as well as a vegetable garden tended by the Clever Cats and their carer/teacher.

One of the children, Khanya, has only recently learned to  walk at the age of 11 and
led Oates and me around his newly-discovered world and when we met up with him a
little later at the schools’ residence, his smile was broad and welcoming.

The residence consists of 10 bedrooms including flatlets which, though in good condition, could be enhanced by personalising them for the children.

The bedrooms hold an average of three to four beds or cots though some are larger, and
the specific needs of the  children are taken into consideration when planning the sleeping arrangements.

Each room also has a bed for the caregiver.

Overall, the centre is extremely well-organised and has a palliative care section and flatlet that enables a parent to spend time with their sick child.

By visiting Canaan Care Centre, it is evident that they are making the most of the limited
funding they receive and yet there is still so much more that we, as a community, can do for them.

Tebbutt extended her appreciation to the East London community, who have rallied to support the centre as a result of the article published in the GO! & Express on May 6, 2021 –

One of the needs met was a fence for placement around the residence’s pool. The fence has just been completed.

In that article, we mentioned some of the centre’s needs. However, after our visit it was
realised that another way people can help is by volunteering their services.

Whether you volunteer your time, skills or resources by assisting them with meal preparation, handyman work, laundry, making bibs and sensory stimulating items, you
will be making a difference in the life of the children and staff.

It must be noted though that caring directly for the children is conditional upon expertise.

“Due to the special needs of the children, especially if they were to have a seizure, it is
important that child-care volunteers are trained to be able to deal with them and their
special needs,” Oates said.

To find out how you can be of practical support to the centre, please contact Tebbutt on 083-778-7148 or by e-mail –

Through the Fit for Logan Challenge, we continue to raise funds for Logan Bartle and also
to raise awareness about cerebral palsy.

Should you wish to contribute financially towards the Fit for Logan Challenge, you are encouraged to contact any of the participants listed below.

Alternatively, click here for the pledge link

● Caron Troskie – 081-508-4874 |

● Cheryl Larsen –

● Wendy Kretschmann – 072-738-2540 |

● Tubs Lingham – 072-538-7968

The GO! & Express is the sole print media sponsor of the Fit for Logan Challenge.

‘Adopt a room for Canaan Care Centre, brighten our world’


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