BCM’s major roadworks project kicks off

BCM executive mayor Xola Pakati took part in a sod turning ceremony recently to launch the expansion project at Settlers Way and Military Road.

LET THE WORK START: BCM executive mayor Xola Pakati takes part in a sod -turning ceremony to mark the start of an extensive road expansion project

According to a statement released by the municipality, the Settlers Way R72 becomes heavily congested during peak hour traffic and this has resulted in increased travel delays.

The project will focus on the 7.6km of road from the airport intersection to the Fleet Street intersection.

It will involve the construction of an additional lane on both Settlers Way and Military Road, as well as the upgrading of existing pavement infrastructure.

“This project will create economic growth, increase employment and the participation of the small and medium enterprises. One of the aims is our people to benefit directly from what we seek to do. Our intention is for a development that will assist our people, this is what we committed to do but that will not happen without us making an effort,” Pakati said.

Enterprise management office HOD Siyabonga Kakaza said the project would result in a number of economic benefits, and many other ongoing projects will benefit.

“This will employ more people and increase household earnings whilst attracting even more investors to the city,” Kakaza said.

BCM estimated that the project will be complete in May 2023.


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