IATS auditions at Guild Theatre

BRING YOUR BEST: Auditions for the International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS) will be taking place at the EL Guild Theatre this weekend

Auditions for the latest International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS) will be taking place at the EL Guild Theatre on Saturday June 26.

The IATS is a competition that aims to give local entertainers a platform to showcase their abilities to talent scouts from around the world.

IATS host Elsubie Verlinden has had a long career in show business.

She is the director of the 33 & Me Talent Agency, where she works closely with singers, models, dancers and voice-over actors to help train their skills and network them with possible business opportunities.

Verlinden is also the host of the Live Your Dream television programme, which will be launch next month.

“The programme will be insightful and educational and inspirational. It will share the stories of hopeless dreamers that become victorious doers with the guided help of 33 & Me Talent Agency,” she said.

“Through years of experience, we have created platforms where creatives can launch their career paths both locally and internationally.”

Her programme will run hand-in-hand with the Be Your Dream programme on ViaTV Channel 147, which will host workshops and educational training sessions as well as live screenings of the company’s annual IATS auditions.

“Our objective is to inspire and equip young creatives in our country to step up and own their purpose, to live out their dream wholeheartedly despite their social or economic background,” Verlinden said.


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