Local musician’s new single celebrates ‘atypical’ bond

EL musician Jordan Dysel is proud to release his new single, Atypical, which dropped on Friday.

Jordan Dysel
Picture: SUPPLED

“I wrote it from my perspective of a new relationship,” Dysel said.

“It celebrates the love and the bond between two people, their unique relationship.”

Dysel has been passionate about music from an early age, having started with the piano.

“I had that ability to read music and translate what I heard onto the piano. My parents saw that I had some ability so they took me to piano lessons and that led to me taking music at school,” he said.

Music production is something that has always fascinated Dysel.

“Even in high school, I’d watch YouTube videos of people making their albums and that inspired me to realise that was what I wanted to do,” he said.

Dysel’s first single dropped back in 2018 and was called Faded Love.

“A few months later that same year, I wrote another song called What’s On the Moon. In 2019, I released a collaboration with Austin Summers and that was called Without You.

“I haven’t released a lot of music but I’ve been working on solidifying my ideas so I can start rolling it out now.”

Dysel said one of the biggest challenges he’s faced as an artist is trying to come up with something unique and he was constantly challenging himself to push boundaries.

“It’s not always easy,” he said, adding that music offered him a great stress release.

“It’s something that I can go to and it will make me feel a bit more calm, and being able to write a story and to share that with someone,” he said.

‘Atypical’ is available on all leading music streaming services.


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