New ‘lake’ appears in Southernwood

WASHED OUT: An ongoing water leak in Southernwood has left the road connecting Gately St and St David’s Rd inaccessible

A new water feature has cropped up in Southernwood, although it seems to be entirely unintentional.

If one were to drive up Gately Street, they would no doubt notice the new ‘lake’ has sprung up on the St David’s Road intersection.

The GO! & Express was alerted to the situation by a concerned resident and went to investigate.

When they arrived, they noticed that the flooded area all but blocked off the small side road that connected Gately and St David’s.

The source of the leak was unclear, although it was noted that water was flowing down the Gately Street gutter from the direction of the Lukin Road intersection.

However, after following the running water to the intersection and crossing over, it was found that the water wasn’t flowing on the other side.

According to the resident, who asked to remain anonymous, the ‘lake’ had been there for a while.

“This has been a very long ongoing leak and if you talk to the neighbours, they will tell you it has not dried up in the last six months,” they said.

“It has been reported by many a neighbour with no success.”

BCM had not responded to a request for comment by print deadline.


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