Changing habits and mindsets is not impossible

MIND OVER MATTER: Wendy Kretschmann shares her inspirational journey so far with the Fit for Logan Challenge

The Fit for Logan Challenge article published on April 15 was titled “A season of change”.

My weight loss journey has proven that headline to be very appropriate, as I have changed many of the bad habits I had amassed over time (pun intended).

When I first started the challenge, the task to lose my goal weight by a given date was daunting.

This was probably due to my mindset being different from what it is now, as the weight loss has brought about positive changes in my mental and physical approaches to situations.

I find that I am watching what and how much I eat and my favourite black-coloured
fizzy cool drink is no longer consumed in copious amounts.

I have learnt that my self-control is better than I believed it to be and my stamina and energy levels have improved tremendously.

Even though I can neither control many things that happen in my life nor what comes across my path, I can control my reactions to it.

Phillipians 4:13 comes to mind (NIV) – “I can do all things through him [Christ] who gives me strength.”

God is guiding me every step of the way which is just as well because this could be a lonely walk, even if one has challenge partners such as Cheryl Larsen, Tubs Lingham, Hayley Bartle, Caron Troskie, my fantastic family and my sponsors who encourage me.

On March 19, when I started the challenge, the scale told a woeful tale.

At that stage, my weight was 109kg.

The scale is telling a happier story these days though as I have broken the 100kg barrier, and now weigh 98kg and have gone from a clothes size 24 to a size 20 (well, almost).

So I have lost 11kgs and I am just over the halfway mark towards my goal, which is to lose a total of 20kgs by Wednesday October 6, which is International Cerebral Palsy Day.

Weight loss is the result of this challenge, though, and not the reason.

Our initial reason was the desire to assist in raising funds towards Logan Bartle’s current and future medical expenses which, in turn, inspired us to create awareness about cerebral palsy in general and Canaan Care Centre in particular.

The centre has received extensive community support as a direct result of the challenge, for which it is truly grateful.

The centre would also welcome contributions towards their regular needs such as food, toiletries, clothing, cleaning products, educational toys and products, as well as financial assistance including the sponsorship of school fees for the children currently at the place of safety.

There are just 13 weeks left of the challenge. If you would like to contribute and be
an instrument of change in the life of little Logan, while helping to create awareness
about cerebral palsy, you are welcome to contact any of the participants or access the sponsorship link

● Caron Troskie —081-508-4874 or
● Hayley Bartle – 060-895-2306 or
● Cheryl Larsen –
● Wendy Kretschmann – 072-738-2540 or
● Tubs Lingham —072-538-7968

To assist Canaan Care Centre, contact Leigh Tebbutt on 083-778-7148 or e-mail
her at

The GO! & Express is the sole print media sponsor of the Fit for Logan Challenge.

Every bit helps.




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