Former teacher aiming for pageant crown

Former Clarendon Primary teacher Sharon Cox was recently selected as a semi-finalist in the 2021 Mrs Universe Africa pageant, a great achievement considering it is the first ever pageant she’s taken part in.

BEAUTY QUEEN: Former teacher Sharon Cox is asking for community support in her bid for the Mrs Universe Africa crown

“I belong to a women entrepreneurship cohort and someone posted the application on our WhatsApp group, which is how I found out about it,” she said.

Cox said she initially joined to help boost her self-confidence.

“I was a school teacher for 22 years, and I recently retired to pursue my own business in wellness,” she said.

“I’m looking at wellness coaching, and I’m also a Zumba instructor.”

Cox has also been active in a number of charities, both in her personal capacity and as part of the pageant.

“My main charity now that I want to focus on is Salem Baby Care Centre.

“I contacted Salem asking where their greatest need is so I know what to focus on,” she said.

When that’s done, Cox said she wants to organise community donation drives to help provide Salem Baby Care with whatever it is they need, such as baby clothes, toys or food.

The Mrs Universe Africa pageant also has a People’s Choice Award, where members of the public can vote on social media for their favourite candidate with the winner automatically progressing to the final.

Cox is asking members of the BCM community to cast their vote on the pageant’s Twitter page, @mrsuniverseafrica.

She’s also trying to raise money in order to be able to afford the trip to Johannesburg to take part in the final later this year.

“I need to raise R15,000 by August,” she said.

“Most of that money also goes towards charity.”

Sponsors are also needed, since all pageant participants need to supply their own dresses, make-up, travel arrangements and so forth. Cox is asking for any individuals or business interested in sponsoring her to get in contact.

She can be reached at or 078-438-3750.

For more information, visit the Mrs Universe Africa Twitter account or follow Cox on Instagram on active1.wellness.

Cash donations can be made to Capitec savings account 121 729 0069


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