New campaign shows how animals help humans

HELPING HOOF: The NSPCA is looking to educate the public on the large role animals play in their lives
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The NSPCA launched a new campaign on Monday in order to raise awareness about the large role animals play in our day-to-day lives.

Under the hashtag #AnimalsDoWhat, the animal rights organisation hopes to educate members of the public about how important animals are and how they continue to influence us.

“The mission of the NSPCA is to prevent animal cruelty, and to be a voice for the voiceless,” said NSPCA CEO Marcelle Meredith.

“This campaign, although light hearted, plays a role in educating the public that animals, no matter their size, shape or form, play a critical role in society. People will be surprised at just how many things around us are only possible because of animals.

“We want to highlight their importance to all of us, with a campaign that brings out tangible facts for maximum impact so that we can truly raise awareness and motivate for donations to enable the NSPCA, to continue to educate and inform the public on the care and welfare of all animals.”

As part of the new campaign, Meredith said they were encouraging people to send tweets to the organisation’s official Twitter account @NSPCA_SA with any of the 3,147 available emojis along with the hashtag.

In response, the NSPCA will tweet back with a relevant fact about how animals help humans.

Meredith also said that they will be challenging corporations, business leaders and local celebrities to critically examine their treatment of animals and join the organisation in pushing for animal rights.

She also encouraged members of the public to get involved with the campaign and, if possible, donate to the NSPCA to help them carry out their important work.


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