WATCH | ‘You are not alone’: Man braces cold to play music outside hospital for wife

A Mossel Bay man took his accordion, stood in the cold outside the hospital where his wife is receiving treatment in the Covid-19 wards, and played music she loves to remind her that she is not alone.

The man was seen playing his accordion outside the Life Bay View private hospital in Mossel Bay on Wednesday morning.
Image: Charlotte Barnard

Charlotte Barnard, who works as an administrative clerk for a general surgeon at the Life Bay View private hospital, said the man approached her outside the hospital on Wednesday morning.

“He asked me if I worked here [hospital] and I told him that our offices are right next to the Covid-19 ward.

“He told me his wife loved his music and asked me if we could please open a window so that she can hear his music and know that he is there for her,” Barnard said.

She said his wife was admitted to one of the Covid-19 wards in the hospital.

“It was very heartbreaking. I struggled to take the video in the cold and at the same time hold back my tears.

The sounds of How Great Thy Art which echoed outside the hospital gave the patients new strength and hope, she said.

“One of my friends and aunt are also in the Covid-19 wards, so they all heard the music. It really encouraged them and made them aware that we are here for them and think of them even when we can’t see them.

“I think it gave them new strength to fight harder. His wife couldn’t see it, but she definitely heard his music.

“His gesture really gave us hope and made us realise that we are not alone and that God is with us. It will really help if more people would come and pray and uplift the personnel.”

Barnard called on the community to help track down the man, saying “the staff and patients really loved his music and asked if he could please come back and play more”.

“We really hope to see him again.”



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