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Sponsor challenge participants to lose weight and contribute towards Logan’s medical expenses

LOVING LOGAN: The local Fit for Logan Challenge is aimed at raising funds towards three-year old Logan Bartle’s medical expenses and to create awareness about cerebral palsy Picture : SUPPLIED

Four months have gone by since the Fit For Logan Challenge was launched and we now have just a further three months in which to reach our weight loss goals.

As you may be aware, there are four main Challenge participants namely Cheryl Larsen and Wendy Kretschmann who represent the GO! & Express; Caron Troskie from Link FM; Logan Bartle’s mom Hayley and Pot O Curry owner and Challenge initiator Tubs Lingham.

It is our aim to lose set amounts of weight by Wednesday, October 6 2021 which is International Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day by raising funds per kilogram lost to assist with Logan Bartle’s existing and future medical expenses while raising awareness about cerebral palsy.

The predominant corporate sponsors of the Challenge are the GO!  & Express, Link FM, Pot O’Curry, Pxl Online Solutions, Shape-up Gym and Mzantsi Group,  all of whom are well-established in their different forms within our community.

There are many other sponsors that have contributed whether as private individuals or as businesses which are too many to mention but to whom we are extremely thankful as they also encourage us to keep up with the campaign.

Contributions come in various ways, though, and are not always financial or tangible.

I recently received an e-mail from a reader regarding my personal journey in the challenge and it was not just the words that were encouraging but also the fact that someone had taken time out of their busy day to reach out to me in such a manner.

Even questions asked by friends such as “How’s the weight loss going?” mean so much to one.

These may seem like simple things, but they go a long way when one is stepping out of one’s comfort zone and, in a way, contribute towards the success of the challenge.

Words of encouragement are fantastic as they spur us on to continue to lose the weight and get healthier.

The more weight we lose the more Logan gains as each kilogram lost equates to monies raised towards his medical expenses.

Whether it is R1 in total or R1 per kilogram lost, every single cent counts.

As an example, I aim to lose a minimum of 20kg’s so if you pledge R1 per kilogram I lose, then once the challenge ends, you will only need to pay R20. If ten people pledge R20 then that’s R200.

Alternatively, you could pledge a once-off amount of any value payable at the end of the challenge.

People from all walks of life are standing together to show their support and care for a united cause in which we all have a role to play.

Our roles don’t have to be big or costly.

Though the four of us are the main participants in this challenge, my challenge to you is to ask yourself “What role can I play in the Fit for Logan Challenge?”

To sponsor any of the Fit for Logan Challenge participants for their weight loss, please contact them telephonically, on WhatsApp or by e-mail.

Alternatively, click here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9EdVhIMF-Rj7pXSELYPvfbldsFYk1xaHKsTAviBTupI-IAg/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 to access the sponsorship link on any of the Fit For Logan Challenge articles.

The GO! & Express is the sole print media sponsor of the Fit for Logan Challenge.


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