Furry members join Gonubie police

WHO’S A GOOD BOY: Community member Amanda Timms, left, and executive deputy mayor Helen Neale-May show Chucky some affection

The Gonubie Police Station was the site of much excitement on Monday July 26 as the police welcomed two new members to their team, Chucky and Laci, who will be joining the K9 unit.

The two Belgian Malinois dogs were acquired by community member Amanda Timms, along with dogs for other units in the province.

Timms is the organiser of a number of local WhatsApp groups dedicated to crime prevention.

“I saw an ad on Facebook that there were two rottweilers available in Germiston, so I contacted [the owner] and she said she’ll think about it. I contacted her again and she decided to give them to me, so SAPS Gqeberha has those dogs.

WELCOME TO THE TEAM: An enthusiastic and spirited Chucky greets fellow SAPS member Warrant Officer Dirk Brenkman Picture: MATTHEW FIELD

“I decided the SAPS needed more dogs so I asked the crime groups to give me funds, and then I approached the woman for another two dogs and she said she had Chucky and Laci.”

While Laci was a bit camera-shy on the day, Chucky was more than happy to share his excitement with the other attendants and couldn’t wait to give an enthusiastic greeting to everyone he saw.

BCM executive deputy mayor Helen Neale-May said the arrival of the two dogs was important for the local police.

“This is quite an auspicious occasion where the community has come together to raise funds through Amanda Timms’ community groups on WhatsApp,” she said.

“The metro is about to have a metro police force which will assist with the rural patrols, as well as assist in crime prevention.

“They [the dogs] will go a long way in assisting the police forces of the metro and the province.”


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