Reading should be a right for all

Once upon a time, reading was a privilege that only a few were able to access.

Though reading is more accessible these days than what it was prior to the invention of the printing press, there remain a vast number of people within our own society who long to be able to read or who are able to read yet do not have access to books in their mother tongue.

Thankfully, there are NGO’s such as Nal’iBali, Book Dash and WordWorks who, through their special literacy project, Yizani Sifunde, aim to break that cycle by developing children’s reading skills predominantly through the distribution of books in all of the South African languages.

As previously reported (GO! takes part in project to improve childhood literacy – 15 July 2021), two schools were identified to benefit from the generous donation of 67 books from Yizani Sifunde as part of their Mandela Day book drive.

The first school to receive their share was Future Roses, an NGO situated in Moore Street, Quigney to whom the GO! & Express handed over 33 books as well as book bags to the children with the assistance of the school’s Principal, Linda Beja.

Beja runs the school which mainly caters for children of street vendors who have very limited income (GO! & Express, February 4 2021 – Future Roses Educare calls for donations).

The second school will be given their share in the coming weeks.

– Contact Beja on 064-072-1282 to find out more about, or to contribute directly to, Future Rose .


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