There is strength in numbers to bring hope

Support Fit for Logan Challenge and Canaan Care Centre

DOING THEIR PART: SE Bookkeeping Services donated these handmade quilts for the GO! & Express room at Canaan Care Centre                                  Picture: WENDY KRETSCHMANN

Five months ago a handful of people decided to reach out and help a little fellow by the name of Logan Bartle.

Much has happened over that time to all of us.

Yes, we have lost some weight and cm’s and raised some funds towards his existing and future medical bills, however, more importantly those few people have been positively impacted by so many other people who have answered the call to join in the challenge in various ways.

We have also been blessed to impact the lives of children at Canaan Care Centre and resultantly other businesses have come on board to do the same through the Adopt-A-Room campaign such as SE Bookkeeping Services who recently donated two new handmade quilts for the GO! & Express room.

We have just over a month to reach our goal weight and to raise funds through the Fit for Logan Challenge.

If you haven’t pledged your support yet, we encourage you to do so soonest.

All funds raised go into a designated bank account and you are welcome to pledge a set amount or an amount per kilogram lost.

You also have the choice to sponsor one or more of the participants including Logan’s mom Hayley.

There is strength in numbers and yet only one person is required to bring about a change.

We urge you to be that one person who can help create awareness about cerebral palsy and support Logan by contributing financially towards his needs.

Help us to help Logan by sponsoring any or all of the participants as mentioned by contacting them telephonically, on WhatsApp or by e-mail.

Alternatively, click here to access the sponsorship link.

The GO! & Express is the sole print media sponsor of the Fit For Logan Challenge.


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