Catch Dramsoc’s new production at Alexander Playhouse

The Dramatic Society of East London (Dramsoc) is currently presenting their latest project, Artifex, at the Alexander Playhouse, which will run until September 4.

MUSIC IN MOTION: Ian Watson plays Uiro in Dramsoc’s new production of ‘Artifex’ at the Alexander Playhouse

Inspired by SA composer Marais Van Den Berg’s First Symphony, Artifex uses an exhilarating combination of physical movement and music to tell the story of Uiro (played by Ian Watson).

Uiro’s story starts as he emerges from the womb and follows him as he discovers the world through toys and books, negotiates his way through school, encounters bullies and friends, becomes part of the rat race, falls into depression, all the time trying to be the creative spirit he was born to be.

“We explore the highs and lows of following your dreams even when the world seems determined to prevent you from achieving them”, said director and drama teacher Pieter Taljaard.

“Along the road of discovering life our artist friend meets up with many colourful characters, all searching for a higher purpose in their lives.”

Joining Watson on stage are other talented actors such as Charné van Tonder as a Clown, Janalu Mac Kenzie as a Blue Fairy, Damon Briceland as a Toy Soldier and Jamie van der Merwe as the evil Circus Master.

Tickets are R100 per person, and can be ordered over WhatsApp at 072-502-4875.

Seating is at tables and patrons can bring their own food and drink.

All Covid safety measures are strictly adhered to and the theatre is sanitised before and after each performance.


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