‘DUET’ celebrates shared journeys through music

POWER OF SONG: The cast of the upcoming duet, from left: Armand Steenkamp, Marcel Corson, Kay Mosiane, Brett Clur, Quintin Maritz and Jacques du Plessis

DUET is a theatrical music show that celebrates the powerful impact that duets have had over audiences since the turn of the 20th Century.

The show brings together some of the most popular songs from cinema, the theatre and pop culture (along with some lesser known tunes).

The show promises a timeless musical experience for young and old, while exploring themes of duality and harmony – both cornerstones of our shared human journey through life, love, happiness and sorrow.

A true collaborative production in every sense, the cast and production team includes Kay Mosiane and Marcel Corson on vocals, Jacques Du Plessis on piano, Armand Steenkamp on keyboards and synth, Quintin Maritz on bass and acoustic guitar, and Brett Clur on drums.

DUET will be performed at the Guild Theatre from September 20 to 21. Bookings can be made through WhatsApp at 079-496-0354.


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