Help Logan and the Canaan Centre

Weight-loss fundraiser comes to end in October

FACE BEHIND THE NAME: Little Logan Bartle’s smile lights up the world and encourages us to persevere to achieve our goals to assist him Picture: SUPPLIED

Wednesday October 6, 2021 will see the culmination of a whole lot of hard effort and an immense amount of weight lost since the campaign was launched in March this year.

We have faced a number of personal obstacles and setbacks, some of our own doing and some brought about by lockdown such as being unable, for a time, to attend gym.

However, we remain determined to achieve what we set out to do.

Creating awareness about cerebral palsy and correcting misconceptions about the condition has been one of our main goals.

We have received positive feedback in this regards and some of our readers have reached out to Hayley directly to offer encouragement and support as they, themselves have family members with the condition.

Canaan Care Centre has also benefitted from the campaign.

The children in the care of the Centre are either physically or profoundly learning disabled or both and many need 24 hour care due to their special needs so we are grateful to the East London public who have come to their assistance either as a direct result of the Fit for Logan challenge or through the Adopt-A-Room campaign.

Being a non-profit organisation they rely heavily on the support of the community. The cost to run such an establishment, particularly as they offer schooling and accommodation, are astronomical and therefore their needs are on-going.

The Centre is especially close to our hearts as Logan Bartle attends the school.

Then there is what could be seen as the personal side to all of this – the need to raise much-needed funds to help off-set the increasing and excessive medical bills incurred from the time of Logan’s birth just over 3 years ago.

Logan is the face of the campaign – and what a face it is. His smile is so welcoming and innocent and we are honoured to be doing what we can to assist him.

Tubs Lingham led the charge with the initiation of the project and fellow participants Cheryl Larsen, Caron Troskie, Logan’s mom Hayley Bartle and Wendy Kretschmann stand proudly by his side as we continue in our efforts to lose as much weight as possible by the goal date.

At the start, we set weight-loss goals for ourselves and as we get closer to the cut-off date doubts start to creep in about reaching those goals.

However, as much as I would like to lose the planned 20kgs, I need to remember that whatever I do lose by that time is an achievement in itself.

Starting at 109kg’s, I broke the 100kg mark a couple of months ago – that in itself is a big accomplishment for me.  The fact that I have changed many of my eating habits for the better and have seen a positive improvement in my health is also confirmation that the proof of the pudding is in the eating (pardon the pun).

Prayerfully, I will still reach my goal weight by 6 October, especially now that I can see the finishing line. However, if not accomplished by that date, then I will persevere to reach it regardless.

For every kilogram we lose, the participants are encouraging the public, in their private or corporate capacity, to sponsor all of us or as individuals for every kilogram of weight we shed.

Every R1 counts and we appreciate the pledges we have received so far. Though the amount we have raised in pledges remains far from the total amount needed, the fact that we have so many people believing in us gives us great encouragement to persevere with our own pledge to Logan.

There is still time to show your support, so we urge you to please contact any of the participants listed below or access the sponsorship link by clicking here  to offer your financial support.

Monies pledged are only due after the challenge.

The GO! & Express is the sole print media sponsor of the Fit For Logan Challenge.


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