‘Serving from the heart’ Gary’s motto

Caring orthotist and prosthetist helps improve little Logan Bartle’s quality of mobility and his life

We recently shared a bit about Paul Fick, the paramedic who tends to be the first responder on duty when Logan Bartle needs assistance for his occasional seizures. Fick is just one of many who continue to play a vital role in this little boy’s life and as such, we would like to honour Gary Bolton from Bolton & Associates for all that he continues to do for ‘our little man’.

Bolton determined from his first consultation and interaction with Logan and his mom, Hayley, that there was a need for a walking device to assist Logan with his stance and mobility such as an AFO (ankle-foot orthotics) that would assist in the functional portion of his ankle.

Further support came in the form of the S.W.A.S.H. brace standing-walking- and hip orthosis which is vital to help prevent the typical scissors stance and gait.

“Because of a discrepancy in Logan’s leg length and pelvic obliquity, Logan also has a slightly built-up shoe,” says Bolton.

Logan Bartle turns three

The most recent assistive device for Logan is a buggy that has various positioning pads that enables suitable support when he’s seated.

All of these items have been specifically designed for Logan as Bolton advises that custom-moulded appliances will always be more suitable than a generic ‘off the shelf’ type of splint as each patient is unique.

Bolton is both an Orthotist and Prosthetist which are the two main categories that define his career.

“An Orthotist does assessments, measures, manufactures and fits anything that splints and supports the body whereas a Prosthetist does assessments, measures, manufactures and fits something which replaces a part of the body,” explains Bolton.

Help Logan and the Canaan Centre

His occupation is more of a vocation than a career though, as from the outset Bolton felt that he always wanted to follow a path of personal contact with a hint of psychology which these specialities enable him to do.

When in his second year of National Military Service, Bolton accompanied his nephew to the consulting rooms of D. Herman O&P where he was assessed for innersoles for foot-related problems. Being able to observe the process acted as the catalyst for Bolton to follow this line of work.

“I could immediately see the compassionate reward from being able to help and assist people,” comments Bolton.

Co-incidentally D. Herman O&P would eventually become Bolton & Associates and this year marks Bolton’s 22nd year in private practice.

Logan’s mom tells her tale

Bolton attended Selborne from Sub A (Grade 1) to Matric and is married with four girls.

Busy as he is, he takes the time to enjoy the lighter side of life such as playing squash, dancing, going for walks and taking in the early morning sunrises.

Humility, gratitude and the desire to help others are clearly evident particularly when expressing his thanks on behalf of Bolton & Associates to their patients and clients for having shared their journey.

However, I believe that his personal motto says it all – “Serve from the heart.”

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