Audition for Drakensberg Boys Choir this weekend

The Drakensberg Boys Choir School was initially founded in 1967 by a local family whose son’s ambition was to create a choir school to rival the Vienna Boys Choir.

MAKE SOME NOISE: Auditions for the Drakensberg Boys Choir will be held at Hudson Park High School this weekend

The prestige and renown which the school has garnered in the ensuing years is an indication of the success of this ambition and the path was paved to create a choir of Proudly South African brand ambassadors who continue to fly the flag high today.

The school caters for boys aged between 10 and 15 years (grades 4 to 9) and is unique in that it is a boarding school which offers a dual curriculum: Academics and Music. This combination is a significant vehicle for holistic education.

The choir school is small, with places for only 120 choristers, and the boys who pass through our halls join a special alumni list of talented and well-rounded members of society.

Because the recent pandemic protocols have restricted travel and touring, as well as limitations on live concerts, the school must rely on other means to recruit the potential choristers who will help to continue the tradition of this iconic South African choir.

Online auditions are one such means of connecting with potential in the world.

We are always in search of a golden voice, and we appeal to you to connect us with any such candidate who may fit the bill. Currently we are auditioning all interested boys via the online process.

It is important to note that while their singing talent and their passion for music in general is vital, they need not have studied music prior to their application. The school will ensure their academic musical trajectory.

Touring internationally is always our goal and fortunately we have been able to re-enter the international scene after Covid restrictions were lifted, so that we have two planned tours about to ensue.

Eight boys have been selected to represent the Choir and South Africa at Expo 2021, the largest business and tourism expo in Dubai. A further forty boys will travel to Namibia at the end of October to perform to audiences there.

Namibia has always been a staunch supporter of the Drakies and, in fact, we have had boys attend the school from this supportive neighbour of ours.

Our ties to the Eastern Cape are strong.

We have had a number of boys from the province attend the school, but perhaps none so famous as the Bala Brothers, a vocal trio from Uitenhage who gained prominence when Zwai Bala joined the Drakensberg Boys Choir School in 1988, becoming the first black member of the previously segregated group six years before the end of apartheid.

He was followed by brothers Loyisa and then Phelo, who each contributed spectacular talent to the choir. The school is justifiably proud to have been the springboard to their success.

We believe the Eastern Cape has other talent hidden under wraps and hope that people step forward to follow in their legendary footsteps.

Representatives from the school will be in East London for auditions that will be held at Hudson Park High School, Deveraux Avenue (side entrance) Berea on Saturday October 16 from 10am to 12pm.

Booking is essential, so contact or phone 036-468-1012 to reserve a spot.


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