Bodybuilder off to Spain for world championships

When East London local Des Haschick entered his first ever bodybuilding competition this year, he never expected he would end up earning his SA colours and making the national team.

FIRST TIME: Des Haschick says he never expected to earn national colours in his first ever bodybuilding competition

“It was absolutely amazing, I was pinching myself for a week afterwards.

“I’ve never laughed so much and cried so much, if I’m being honest,” Haschick told the GO! & Express on Monday.

He signed up for the IFBB SA Championships that were held in Randburg earlier this month at the urging of his cousins, who convinced him it would be a great way to get in better shape.

“I was very underweight, I only weighed about 40kg and I’m 6’1”,” he said.

“I started training in about August last year, it was very heavy training. I was training twice a day, morning and night.” To help himself bulk up, Haschick also had to eat about 11,000 calories each day.

“I got my weight up to 90kg, and then I had to lean down,” he said.

In Randburg, Haschick managed to win gold in the Masters Mens Physique category, and silver in the Overall Physique category.

This earned him a spot on the national team, which will be travelling to Spain next month.

Haschick said he was incredibly grateful to everyone who helped him on his journey.

“I also wanted to mention that I had a tremendous support team.

It was absolutely amazing, I was pinching myself for a week afterwards.

“My beautiful wife Chantel, who prepared all my food, spending hours every day in the kitchen packing my eight meals a day.

“I would never have been able to do this without her.

“To my personal trainer, Eugene Van Schalkwyk: This man is simply the best! He literally saved my life and took a chance on me where five other trainers would not.

“And to my close friend, Marco Ferrucci, who trained with me every day, encouraging me and walking this long road with me.

“I don’t believe I would have come this far without him.“


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