‘I’m selling my bed. I won’t need it this month’ — SA welcomes the start of Dezemba

Many social media users said they would be partying into the new year.
Image: 123RF/Dmitrii Shironosov

‘December is a lifestyle not a month in SA’‚ said one social media user
We have (mostly) survived 2021‚ and many people plan to celebrate by partying through “Dezemba”.

The first day of December is usually met with applause and relief on social media as hundreds reflect on the year and prepare for downtime.

On Twitter‚ “Ke Dezemba” was the top trend on Wednesday morning‚ with users flooding the service with memes and jokes about the festive season.

It seems even the rising petrol price and increased Covid-19 infections are not dampening the mood.

The petrol price this week rose to more than R20 for the first time in history to hit R20.13 for a litre of 93ULP and R20.35 for 95ULP.

“This price disaster is entirely home-grown. Internationally‚ oil prices have pulled back from their recent highs and Brent crude is trading about $75 a barrel. Most of this month’s under-recovery is because of the weakening of the rand against the US dollar‚” the Automobile Association said.

A rise in Covid-19 infections and the detection of a new variant of the coronavirus‚ Omicron‚ sparked fears of a harsher lockdown.

Despite many predicting the start of a fourth wave‚ President Cyril Ramaphosa told the nation on Sunday level 1 lockdown will remain.

He said experts and government would monitor infection rates over the next week and make a decision on further restrictions.

“We will closely monitor infection rates and hospitalisations over the coming days and will review the situation in another week. We will need to determine whether the existing measures are adequate or whether changes need to be made to the regulations‚” he said.

Travel bans imposed on SA after the detection of the Omicron variant threaten to split loved ones over the festive season.

Still‚ the streets were in celebration mode and made it known on the TL.

While many were happy to have survived the turbulent year‚ others said they were looking to sell their beds because they won’t be used this month.

Source: ARENA Holdings.


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