Storm leaves SPCA low on supplies

The East London SPCA is running low on critical supplies after the recent storms resulted in a large influx of animals.

IN NEED OF A HOME: These cute kittens were two of the many animals rescued by the EL SPCA after the recent heavy storms

General manager Andries Venter said that the SPCA was working with authorities to assist where they could.

“We had a meeting this [Wednesday January 12] morning with law enforcement and disaster risk management to include us when they respond, so that we can temporarily take animals in while they [community members] are resettling,” Venter said.

“We’ve also been through the community proactively and a couple of people have last their homes so they’ve handed their animals to us.”

With more storms predicted soon, Venter said a lot of people were coming in to sign over their pets.

Combined with the increased number of abandoned animals from the storm, Venter said the SPCA was being pushed to breaking point.

“Because of the rain and the number of animals, we have had to go into our surplus stock of blankets and that’s all now gotten wet. I had to bring in extra staff to wash those blankets.

“Our dog food has become depleted, we are desperate for food.”

Venter asked members of the community to donate blankets and pet food in order to help the SPCA.

“The rain is coming, there’s more this weekend and we’re going to need more supplies.”

Donations can be dropped off at the SPCA premises in Amalinda or at the SPCA charity shop in Vincent.


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