Tragedy as twins drown in Mooiplaas

Twelve-year-old twin boys Inathi and Ikhona Ngangelizwe tragically died while playing in a flooded hole on Sunday afternoon in Mooiplaas Silatsha Village.

Their aunt, Vathiswa Bityo, said they were torn and deeply hurt as the boys meant a lot and played an important role in the family. “We are in a lot of pain, these children were everything to us. They were very helpful even to their grandmother, who had a stroke,” she said.

Bityo said the hole had been dug in October before the elections as part of a road maintenance programme but had been empty until the rains had filled it. “We feel that all the children in the area are not safe because this was an accident that occurred while kids were playing,” said Bityo.

The boys, who were attending Makhazi Primary School, resided
with their grandparents in Mooiplaas. “We don’t have anything yet to bury them. We are hoping the grandfather who has gone to town will come back with positive news,” said the devastated aunt.

Mooiplaas resident Xolisile Sam said they were stunned by the tragedy. “Last year we saw the excavator and tipper trucks within our wards and in other wards arriving in a quarry that is available for gravelling of roads. The work started and gravel was excavated. “A huge amount of gravel was removed and the pool was formed [by the rain].

“Passers-by saw clothes near the pool and identified the clothes as those of the twin brothers. Police and divers were called and the search began but failed to find bodies on Sunday. “A new team arrived on Monday at about 7am and the bodies of the twins were recovered. I saw them in two body bags.”

Kruger National Park's Sable Hide under water.Image: KNP/Supplied

A dam in Mooiplaas, Silatsha Village where 12-year-old Inathi and Ikhona Ngangelizwe died playing.


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