WATCH | ‘Future ANC president’ Duduzane Zuma making ‘back-breaking work look easy’

Duduzane Zuma got his hands dirty during a clean-up operation in KwaZulu-Natal at the weekend. File photo.

ANC ward 11 branch chairperson Duduzane Zuma traded in his fancy suit for shorts and a black rubbish bag at the weekend‚ getting his hands dirty while helping to clean up a neighbourhood in rainy Newlands East‚ Durban.

The businessman-turned-politician was seen in a video working with others to clean the area.

“No excuses‚ no long stories. Either we do it or not. Sunshine or rain‚ we get the job done. A lot of people like talking but very few can do. It’s all about action‚” said Zuma.

He was applauded by some for “making back-breaking work look easy”.

In another post‚ Zuma can be cutting trees and clearing stairs.

Zuma was appointed chairperson of the branch last year after receiving overwhelming support at a biennial general meeting.

This is essentially the first step in his mission to become a “future ANC president”.

Former president Jacob Zuma congratulated his son for his political ambitions.

“I feel proud. We all started there‚ but we ended up somewhere‚” said the former president.

“The politics are important. Take the interests of branch members‚ supporters and the community in your area. It is a challenge and an important achievement you have made.

“If you are a member of the branch‚ you have the opportunity to have discussions about the ANC. It’s always important to make the branch‚ make the difference within the organisation itself and within the community where you are‚ to be able to serve the community and therefore give that kind of leadership‚” he said

Zuma told Power 98.7 he aims to be president one day but said that lies with “decision-making at the highest levels”.

“It is less of a dream but more of conversations. I think over a period of time we all have these conversations about how we get involved in making a difference.

“I have been a businessman my whole life‚ an entrepreneur‚ and politics is very new to me. I’ve followed it‚ I have understood it and was a part of it.”


Source: ARENA Holdings.


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