Surfers Challenge runners should be prepared for tough conditions

The month of February is generally full of surprises in respect of sporting conditions and those who have run the various Surfers offerings of 5 to 17.5km over the years, will be aware of this and currently making provisions for every eventuality.

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Thus far in 2022 there have been heat waves with high humidity, strong winds and regular rains.

The only reliable preparation for any on this will have been for athletes to get out and train regardless of the weather conditions. It is after all only weather.

With less than two weeks remaining no heroics are called for in terms of the intensity of training and easy runs will better deliver a sharper runner.

The top runners will add in at least three quality sessions inclusive of intervals, possibly one hill and a threshold session. Any longer run should not exceed 14 km for the two longer races and four to five kilometers for the short race from Blue Lagoon through Bonza Bay and back to Nahoon.

It is almost a given that humidity will play a part regardless of overhead conditions and thus hydration is the most crucial element to consider as the race approaches with good clean, preferably filtered water the best bet.

Competition there will be! Throughout the field personal challenges, some well broadcast, others simply an inner goal will be on display.

Spectators who line the route will witness hundreds of human-interest stories unfolding before them. It is this competitiveness and social interaction that brings them back year in and out, while the photographic opportunities are what build a history of personal development and memories to be shared for the years that follow the trajectory of any a participant’s life.

The build up to the event this year is, in some regards, totally different to ever before and that is unfortunate, especially for the youth. However, resilience is likely to ensure the race rises again in a free society.



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