Jongilanga pupils in EL addressed on crime

The Community Police Forum in Gonubie together with Masimanyane Womens Rights International and Red Alert closed off the month of love with a charity drive held at Jongilanga High School in Kwelera on February 25.

The intitiative, Keeping a Child in School and Away from Crime, runs on a weekly basis to create awareness and help feed pupils from underprivileged backgrounds.

“When the children saw the Red Alert K9 unit they where screaming and clapping. “That is another programme that we accomplished and the pupils where extremely happy – they even did a dance for us,” said community activist and CPF member Amanda Timms.

After the dance performance, the pupils were given treats to eat and spoken to about the dangers of getting involved in criminal activities. “We surprised them with food, fruit and chips and gave a talk on crime. “They also wanted to hear the police sirens,” said Timms.

A commander at Red Alert, Aubrey Palmer, said the security company worked closely with the SAPS and the CPF in fighting crime throughout East London and the surrounding areas. “Being part of these charity drives, we are doing our part in also creating crime awareness among the youth,” Palmer said.

Lerato Nocanda, who is a field worker at Masimanyane Womens Rights International,
said: “We were invited by the CPF in Gonubie police station to do a talk on GBV at Jongilanga High school. The talk focused on rape and the issue of sexual consent. Because rape is a very sensitive topic to talk about, we encourage the learners to speak out about things that make them feel uncomfortable or talk to someone they trust. It was just a motivation from our side since we work hand in hand with the CPF of Gonubie. ”

Gonubie SAPS members with Red Alert and Masimanyane at Jongilanga High School.




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