Ambassador, readers step in

Gichul Kim and Eunju Jung, husband and wife team members of African Leadership ministry, are helping to fulfil the aims of the organisation as they educate and serve ‘the people of Africa through the teachings of the Bible and the love of Christ.’

The couple have been partnering with the Creative Arts department of New Generation Primary School in teaching the learners how to make music using bells as well as how to use certain visual art aspects.

It was their connection with the school that enabled the visit by Chull Joo Park, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) to the Republic of South Africa, at a special assembly recently.

Accompanying the ambassador were two of his delegates, Yoon Yeonggi and Yoo Narae, who also played active roles on the day.

After a special assembly during which the ambassador spoke about the Republic of Korea, Narae conducted a fun quiz session where those learners who answered correctly were awarded interesting gifts from Korea.

Impressed by the curiosity and eagerness of the learners, Ambassador Park mentioned that he will be donating library books to the school this year.

“We are so grateful for the doors that will be opening for our learners as a result of this visit and the work of Eunju and Kim at our school,” said Mrs O’Reilly, New Generation Primary School principal.

The school is also grateful for the generous donations received from the GO! & Express readers in the appeal for clothing and shoes.

Some of these items were donated directly to the school and the rest will be handed over to them towards the beginning of April as this leg of the collection drive draws to a close on March 31.

If you would like to contribute, you can drop off the items in the boxes marked with the GO! & Express logo at any of the following places:

  • Info Desk near Woolworths, Vincent Park Centre
  • Nearby Pick ‘n Pay, Vincent Park Centre
  • Foyer at the Daily Dispatch building, cnr Quenera Drive & St Helena Road, Beacon Bay

Alternatively, please contact Wendy Kretschmann via e-mail – – for more information.


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