Summerpride school traffic snarl-up

The residents of Bramleigh Road in Summerpride have raised several disputes with Advance for Life Christian Academy High School in connection with traffic congestion when pupils are dropped off and fetched by parents and public transport .

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Candiz Dalton claims her father-in-law was bumped by a taxi in the area, and she fears for the safety o f children . Dalton also said residents had tried to get authorities to put up speed humps or even a sign
indicating that pedestrians were crossing the street.

“We as residents are fed up with Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality and the traffic department not doing anything about the ongoing problems in our residential street. “Every morning taxis, parents and the school bus are illegally stopping at the exit and entrance of Bramleigh Road, blocking all incoming and outgoing traffic and making illegal U-turns. The high school students walk in the road, obstructing the flow of traffic.”

Dalton said community members were not asked to sign any documentation allowing a school to operate in the area.Community members believed the infrastructure of the road did not allow for extra traffic flow.

“We have no pavements or gutters in place, no signs indicating pedestrians, speed limit or speed humps. “We ’ve messaged the principal numerous times, the ward councillor has been notified and have had no response from his or her office or private cell number. Something needs to be done about this before a child is hurt or killed. My father-in-law was involved in a hit-and-run where a taxi bumped him and the driver simply drove off without ensuring he was okay.”

Ward 16 councillor Ntsika Qali said he was not aware of traffic disruption in the area and the only issue brought to his attention was that of a road to a school in Dawn being in poor condition.

He said as soon as budgetary funds were allocated, the refurbishment of the road would be a priority.

Qali said it was the school’s responsibility to address issues concerning traffic and child safety with the Traffic Department as well as the Department of Education. “The safety of children needs to be prioritised.”

Luxole Komani, the Communications Officer from BCM said: “Our Traffic Department has visited this school on numerous occasions, the latest being on April 14. “We have had a few sessions of road safety education with around 220 learners and 30 staff members. We will continue to visit the school in an effort to improve road safety,” he said.

Principal Esther Wallis said the private school was doing its best to ensure the pupils and their parents were ducated on road saftey.

“Pupils were taught how to cross the road with caution, which side of a taxi to get off, how to identify a taxi that is not safe to get on and the people to contact in an emergency.”

Wallis said the street would be monitored by traffic officers who would give out tickets to vehicles stopping illegally and not adhering to regulations. “We have teachers standing there during drop-off and pick-up times .”

VITAL KNOWLEDGE: Advance for Life Christian Academy High School pupils received training from the traffic department on road safety at the school.



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