FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS: Stacey-Lee Holmes has turned her love for animals into a successful pet-sitting business Picture: SUPPLIED

This week we catch up with Stacy-Lee Holmes from Pawtastic Pet and House Sitting about how her love for animals led to her starting her business.

How long has your business been in operation?

Six years. Pawtastic Pet and House Sitting did not start with a name or a page on social media.

It started because of my crazy love for animals and the desire to always want to help people out.

I spent some time assisting teaching and tutoring at Crewe Primary School, and after hours took care of pet owners’ animals to help pay for my studies.

Now with us growing into a business, I can help others with some extra income by having them assist me.

What services do you offer?

At Pawtastic we have a variety of services not only for your pets but for your home too. These include watering plants, pool maintenance, changing lights, reactivation of alarms, feeding and playing with pets, and our most popular service, an overnight stay for all types of pets.

How many people do you have on your team?

At present, four assistants. We are growing and look forward to assisting more people and pets.

What safety measures do you follow when housesitting?

Before clients leave on their trips we do a client and pet meet-and-greet so that the animals can associate us with their owners in their homes.

We have a form for the clients to fill in which includes all the information we need to know about the house rules and their pets’ requirements, such as vet information and allergies.

Does housesitting and pet sitting overlap?

We have an overnight stay option which includes the pet feeds and some play/cuddle time. We also have feed and play options. If you don’t have pets, we can pop in at your property, show some activity and deactivate and reactivate the alarm. We have discount packages for extended periods of time as we understand it can become quite pricey.

What skills does one need in your line of business?

Definitely have a love and passion for all animals. Be patient, extremely reliable, trustworthy, neat, and have respect for others’ belongings.

What are some of the challenges in your business?

One gets so attached to the animals, they become like your own, and it’s heartbreaking if they pass away due to age or illness.

Another problem is we are sometimes unable to assist over long weekends or holidays due to the big demand.

This is because we do not have enough reliable assistance within our business. We really wish we were able to assist everyone and be there for all our fur friends. Other than that it’s just wet noses and wagging tails that make for happy hearts.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Pets are part of the family but can’t always go away on holiday too. So having them in the comfort of their own home with a loving Pawtastic caretaker is the next best option.

Contact Stacy on 072-299- 3391/ Instagram – @pawtastic.pet.housesitter


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