EL actress shines in Netflix hit

BIG BREAKTHROUGH: Actress and former Cambridge High School pupil Kristin Trisha Deetlefs, right, who recently bagged a role in the Netflix series ‘Resident Evil’ Picture: SUPPLIED

Former Cambridge High pupil Kristin Trisha Deetlefs recently landed the role of Officer Malloy on the Netflix series Resident Evil, which is loosely based on the popular video game franchise.

Deetlefs first began her acting journey in high school, performing in drama productions such as The King and I.

She said landing the role was a dream come true.

“I auditioned for the role through a very good agency I work with.

“It was so amazing to work with established actors who are incredibly nice.

“It is an amazing feeling to work with people who force you to do your best.

“This really is a great opportunity because I’ve always been a fan of the original movie,” she said.

Deetlefs, who matriculated in 2009, has since made a name for herself appearing in films over the last four years including SA Girl, Face Undercover, and Hotel Quarantine.

“I admire so many actresses that I can’t single out a single one. But if I had to choose, it would be Angelina Jolie.

“She is an amazing actress who is an all-rounder,” she said.

“I also admire a lady by the name of Tamaryn Speirs. She is an excellent acting coach, and a great actress herself.”

She also credits Michele Brandenburger, former regional head for arts and culture in the Eastern Cape, for helping her realize her talent and passion for acting.

After taking a few courses and receiving guidance from Brandenburger, Deetlefs said she finally gained the courage to pursue her dream.

She shared some pearls of wisdom for anyone looking to embark on a career as an actress in the film industry.

“It is important that you know yourself and your morals.

“In this line of work you will face a lot of rejection and people who will make you feel like nothing.

“I must be an observer of life; I am always exploring different aspects of myself. Take opportunities as they come and listen to your intuition.

“If something does not feel right, there’s a reason,” said Deetlefs.

All eight episodes of season 1 of Resident Evil are available on Netflix.


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