Vision board workshop fuels ideas, hope: ‘It’s a little bit of science and a little bit of magic’

IDEAL SELF: The crafty and creative scene where a vision board workshop, a collaboration between Cheryl Reum and health coach Monique Weschta, was held on August 13 in Beacon Bay: TAMMY FRAY

An enthusiastic group of participants who took part in a vision board workshop on Saturday, August 13, left feeling reinspired to follow their dreams and goals, and not give up hope.

The workshop, held by facilitators Monique Weschta and Cheryl Reum, was held in Beacon Bay.

Reum says vision boarding has carried her throughout her life over the last 50 years, drawing her closer to experiences, people, and opportunities. She says vision boards bring the subconscious and the conscious together and propel desires to the forefront to orientate personal action.

”Some people do goal-setting by attaching due dates at which they need to achieve very specific things but the vision board works differently because it doesn’t force you to have a set date by which you need to achieve something.

“Feeling like you need to have reached a goal by a specific date can be a process that generates a lot of shame in you, especially when you don’t achieve those goals and vision boards are not about discipline and humiliation at all.

“It’s about possibility and hope and about stepping into a mindset that welcomes the opportunity.

“It’s more about encouraging your conscious mind to hold onto the life you truly want and to the vision, you have for yourself so that you can draw your dreams closer to you.

“It’s a little bit of science and a little bit of magic and it’s been a helpful practice for me throughout my life and I wanted to share that with the people of East London.” The workshop was geared towards promoting health and wellness in all facets of one’s development and so attendees were required to begin the session considering what their ideal self and life, in terms of health and wellness, would look like.

This first step allows the mind to be attuned to symbols, images, and metaphors that resonate with one’s desires.

Thereafter, attendees were instructed to page through magazines and books searching for phrases, images, colours, and shapes that relate to their envisioned ideal self.

This immersive creative practice can reveal this to the person engaging in it.

One attendee said: “The older you get the more you realize you have to start taking yourself into consideration.

“When you’re younger you give yourself away to family and children.

“Doing something like a vision board helps you get back in touch with who you are outside of your role as mother and wife and so forth because it is a great way to get back to knowing who I am and what I want and what is important to me.”

A young attendee said the workshop had been helpful as he will be writing exams soon and needs to be focused.

Weschta explained: “Day-to-day stuff can weigh you down but the vision board gives you something you can look towards as a guide that can inspire you to take certain steps towards living that life you want to live.”

Given the enthusiasm of participants who took part in the workshop, Reum and Weschta will be hosting more sessions in the future.


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