Go wild for WWF’s big fundraiser

ANIMAL LOVERS UNITE: People are encouraged to dress up as their favourite wild animals for the #WearItWild campaign hosted by WWF. Picture: SUPPLIED

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released the #WearItWild campaign, urging people to go dress up to help celebrate and protect the planet’s precious wildlife.

“By standing out from the herd and dressing up as your favourite animal, you’ve helped us take our work further.

“It has been really wonderful seeing the team spirit among so many businesses and schools.

“We really hope that you will join us and wear it wild again with us, and in the meantime, please stay fierce with nature,” said Justin Smith, the head of business development at WWF.

To join the fun campaign, people are encouraged to dress up as their favourite animals, and then post the images on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #WearItWild.

The #WearItWild campaign is one of WWF’s most popular and well-supported annual fundraising campaigns.

People can help raise money for the campaign through their schools or at their workplace by collecting a R10 donation for WWF from every participant.


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