Letter to the editor: Sue Bentley

Councillor responds to GO! story ‘Tackle the rot or let someone else’

Just as in any working situation, there are those who get a salary and those who earn a salary at the end of each month, and, while there are obviously some councillors who fall into the former category, residents should never judge how hard a city councillor is working by the lack of service delivery in their ward, or in the Metro as a whole.

The role of a councillor is to act as a link between the residents and the officials – we report issues and the officials need to action the service delivery to fix the issues.

It is not for councillors to fix potholes, sort out water bursts, do the jetting of the sewage blockages, stop cable theft, resolve billing errors etc – it is our role to be accessible to the residents and report issues to the relevant officials. The sad reality in BCMM  is while there are many officials doing their very best to assist, there are a great many who do not respond and are never held to account for their disinterest/inaction.

We councillors celebrate each small victory in sorting out issues for residents as, with our dwindling city finances, it is becoming more and more difficult to get issues resolved.


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