Go! People: Robbie Du Rand

CONTENT CREATOR: Robbie Du Rand is the founder and host of The RDR Show, on YouTube, in which he interviews people, covers news and sport, and provides a platform for artists Picture: SUPPLIED

What prompted you to start your YouTube show?

I gained vast experience in six years on radio. I’ve interviewed more than 600 celebrities, and rugby commentary with Supersport schools prompted me to do my own talk show through social media with the aim of finally having my own national talk show.

What is your show about?

The show, called The RDR Show, has something for everyone, young and old. It has a variety of local and international news. I interview celebrities about their careers, I cover sporting news and I also give support to local achievers in the Eastern Cape. We allow artists to promote their talents with a three-minute gig using the show as a platform.

Your videos follow a talk-show format, why did you choose to use the YouTube platform over a podcast?

The idea is to build a big YouTube following and this will then assist us with possibly going into a podcast format.

How do you prepare for each show?

Shows are prepared two weeks in advance and we shoot every Tuesday.

Who are some of the guests you have interviewed?

Former All Blacks player Greg Sommerville, 1995 World Cup winner Japie Mulder, Singer J Something, and former Bok coach Ian Macintosh.

What is your ultimate goal with your show?

The ultimate goal is to secure a studio long-term, then when we’ve done 15 shows meet with production companies to step it up and present it to bigger networks.

For someone who would like to start their own show, what advice do you have?

It is 10 times harder than radio and expensive, so start slow, find the right production team and walk slowly to achieve the greater goals.

What other projects are you working on?

We have launched The RDR Show Rugby Commentary which will cover international rugby games via YouTube for millions who don’t have DSTV. We also want to offer the commentary in Xhosa and Afrikaans by the end of the year.


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