East London boxer turned businessman shares story and advice in book

Max Mabuti has penned an inspirational book for entrepreneurs and business owners

East London businessman Max Mabuti has found a way to turn a coping mechanism for a traumatic childhood into an inspirational story of success in his new book The Flat Foot Story: From Professional Boxer to Building a Business.

It is a non-fiction entrepreneurial story, with aspects of Mabuti’s personal life that influenced his decisions.

As a young person, he witnessed the brutal murder of his grandfather, the violent harassment of his parents at the hands of terrorists, and even the rape of his sister.

All these events led to Mabuti growing up as a troubled youngster, desperate for an escape

“I had a tough childhood. I was very angry so I decided to take up boxing because I needed an outlet to release my anger.

“I also knew I would learn discipline in my boxing classes.

“Then I found that I could use the tips and techniques that boxing offered me in my business ventures.

“That’s where the name ‘Flat Foot’ comes from because you must use the flat foot technique in boxing,” said Mabuti.

Mabuti is the owner of a successful business in engineering and facilities management.

The business is based in East London and has branches in Gqeberha and a growing presence in Johannesburg. Mabuti’s business has thrived over the years, employing 100 people. Despite facing extreme challenges over the years, he has remained focused and continues to find ways to maintain his business success.

“Some of the lessons that entrepreneurs will find in the book are tips on how to manage cash flow, the value of having a mentor, and taking risks in business,” said Mabuti.


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