Former Old Selbornian president reflects as he passes on the torch

Former Old Selbornian President Qamani Siwundla

Former president of the Old Selbornians Association Qamani Siwundla has officially passed on the reins.

After a two-year term as the first black president of the association, Siwundla says his journey has not always been easy, but the pride he felt in his role and in his school made the experience worth it.

“I’ve always had school pride. I loved rugby season and the passion came naturally.

“I was a cheerleader and this gave me a sense of purpose, especially considering how united our matric class was. I knew this was something that I needed to do,” says Siwundla.

As the association’s first black president, Siwundla felt obligated to make embracing one’s culture a priority.

“It wasn’t until the end of my term that I really understood the importance of embracing my culture. This was an opportunity for me to be the voice of black boys. I wore my Xhosa attire with pride.

“I didn’t fully realize the impact this had until the end of my term and I had parents tell me how proud they were to see their culture so well represented,” said Siwundla.

Some of his duties as president included maintaining the brotherhood and traditions, creating and hosting events, and establishing a social network.

“I will be the first to admit that my time in office was by no means perfect. There is still a lot I was unable to do or change during my time.

“There were also many in-house politics that proved to be quite challenging. But seeing the younger boys embrace the school pride made the experience worthwhile.

“I have learned a lot about myself, about my capabilities through this experience and I will forever be grateful,” said Siwundla.

Siwundla shared some words of wisdom for his successor, Matthew Francis.

“Don’t relax. There is still a lot that needs to be done, and many changes to be made.

“I would also like to encourage more young Old Boys to join the association.

“We need young, fresh energy to bring about real change,” said Siwundla.


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