Go People – Lungelo ‘Lens’ Mampofu

Lungelo ‘Lens’ Mampofu is a singer, songwriter, producer and entertainer in the Eastern Cape. Picture: SUPPLIED

When and how did your musical journey begin?

I started dancing at the age of eight and started giving singing and dancing lessons to other kids in the area. I soon discovered a love for music and decided to pursue a career in music. I started in 1993 as a pantsula street dancer, performing at Highway Taxi Rank. I started as a recording artist in 2001 under the Manskap Music Group which is a hip-hop outfit that is one of the pioneers of an Eastern Cape music genre named hip-strato.

Tell us a bit about your career

I am a rapper, director, songwriter, presenter and owner of a media company called Redawn Media.

How would you describe your style of music?

I make mostly kwaito and hip hop music. I write songs on life and the society we live in today.

What do you think are the requirements needed to pursue a career in the music industry?

I think talent is very important. I think it is also important to be a hard worker and keep pushing and stay motivated.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my son Lunathi and my musical icon is Mr Koko Godlo because he did the impossible by taking Mdantsane and East London talent to the TV screen and national radio stations and made them famous before even social media was introduced

What are some of the challenges you have encountered?

The biggest challenge I face is a lack of financial support. Everything needs money, and without money I struggle to release work. I have also had to deal with PR companies that do not deliver on their side of contracts and deals.

What advice do you have for fellow aspiring musicians?

Know yourself, know your business and keep pushing. Don’t give up on your dreams. For one to pursue music, one must first be passionate and not go into this industry seeking fame and fortune only because it is a very difficult industry to penetrate. An aspiring musician must equip his or herself with music business knowledge because if not, you will find you might struggle to compromise wisely. And be careful not to sign your whole life away.

Are there any other projects you are currently working on?

I have a new single called Sylvester which has a music video available online and on all digital music platforms. I am also working on an album which will be coming out next year. I have a song called Bawo which speaks against women and child abuse and gender-based violence. I also have a Youtube channel called EmontiTV.

What are your social media profile handles?

Facebook: lensRedDaw

Instagram: @Lens_the_dawn

Twitter: @lens_the_ dawn


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