Free self-defense classes in response to increasing crime

PROTECTION MOVES: Fitness instructor Liesel Bezuidenhout demonstrates self-defense skills with a volunteer during a class Picture: SUPPLIED

With the increase in crime and especially gender-based violence, it is important that women know how to defend themselves.

As such, Broubart Security Group has partnered with local instructor Liesel Bezuidenhout to conduct a series of free self-defense classes for women of all ages, as well as elderly men.

The latest of these classes was held on November 8, with more to follow in the new year.

Helen Wood, of Broubart Security, said: “The self-defense classes started due to the review we as a company have done on the current crimes in residential areas and the risk profiles.

“It started in August during Women’s Month as part of empowering women around security and awareness on protecting themselves, their families, and their homes.

“It is the responsibility of all people to be aware of their surroundings and security no matter where they are, at the shops in the parking lot, dropping kids at school, or relaxing at home,” said Wood.

Bezuidenhout has her own fitness studio in Dorchester Heights where she teaches boxing as a form of exercise as well as for self-defense.

“Crime is getting completely out of hand and with the increasing danger women need to equip themselves with ways to protect themselves.

“The majority of self-defense techniques are usually complicated, but I teach the basics so that in a moment of panic it is easy to remember what to do,” said Bezuidenhout.

As a security measure, there is a strict ‘No Videos’ policy for all participants.

“We want these moves to be as effective as possible and if we take videos and post them online where the possible perpetrators can see them that will defeat the purpose,” said Bezuidenhout.

Wood and Bezuidenhout insist that research has been done to ensure that the skills taught will be beneficial to all who take part.

“The classes are also available to elderly men over the age of 55 because these elderly men can also fall victim to being attacked,” said Bezuidenhout.

Wood said: “The classes have been a revelation to all those who have attended.

“They have made women aware and even if only one defense move can be remembered, it has the potential to save a potentially threatening situation.

“The classes are at no cost as part of Broubart’s community commitment to security. The more aware we all are, the more we all help each other.”


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