Krishna Festival of Chariots comes to EL

or the first time, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in East London will host an internationally celebrated event, the Festival of Chariots, which aims to promote cultural diversity, religious tolerance and acceptance.

The vibrant festival, held in major cities across the world, will be held on December 3 at the Orient Beach Complex.

The first festival was held in the 1960s in India and since then, ISKON chapters around the world have replicated it.

In SA, the festival is usually hosted in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

However, with the Covid-19 lockdown having ended, the ISKON East London organisers said introducing the event locally would assist with strengthening community ties across the metro.

Those attending can expect plenty of entertainment including musicals and theatrical productions performed by foreign and local performers.

The legendary Festival of Chariots procession will also be held, followed by song and dance performances, as well as tantalising vegetarian cuisine.

ISKOR East London has contributed to the support of many families in the metro through its Food for Life initiative.

This project provides vegetarian food to thousands of disadvantaged people around the city every year, and food will freely be available at the festival.

The festival’s organisers extended “a warm invitation to the community at large – bring your entire family and friends along to attend and support this event”.

“There will be singing, dancing, stalls and free vegetarian food available for all those who come and join,” they said.

For more information, contact Zethu on 071- 249-4673.

HISTORICAL FESTIVAL: The Festival of Chariots attendees seen here at the annual event in Durban. Picture: SUPPLIED


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