QEMF to host conservation meeting

The Qinira Estuary Management Forum (QEMF) will host its first public open meeting on December 3 to discuss topics related to the maintenance of the metro’s natural resources.

The meeting, which will be held at the Nahoon Estuary Reserve Enviro Centre in Beacon Bay, will include presentations from experts in the field. Dr Alan Carter will give an overview of the current estuary management plans in the metro.

East London Museum scientist Kevin Cole will unpack the importance of household conservation efforts.

Dr Div de Villiers will speak on legislation related to protecting the environment.

Louis Fourie will unpack residents’ roles in addressing the current water challenges, and councillor Frederick Pohl will provide information on recycling and the rehabilitation of specific areas in the Qinera estuary.

QEMF treasurer Stef Kriel said the public meeting was aimed at raising awareness on the benefits of community involvement in caring for the environment and to promote understanding about conservation.

Kriel said: “Hoping that authorities can secure a sustainable future is not a strategy.

“We, the people, must ensure our local authority has the necessary skills, capacity and most importantly, our support to make the metro an example of balanced biodiversity.

“Each topic deserves a day conference on its own.

“If there is interest, we will expand on each one and offer more projects where ordinary citizens can get involved.”

The meeting starts at 9.30am.

Anyone interested in attending can contact Kriel on: 082-553-0944.

FORUM FOR GOOD: Earlier in the year the Qinira Estuary Management Forum cleaned up the area around the estuary in honour of World Recycling Day. Picture: SUPPLIED


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